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Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission)
Support of Master
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Pranahuti is derived from the words “Prana” and “Ahuti”.  Prana is Life Force. Ahuti means sacrifice or offering.   Prana which manifests as pure thought can be offered or transmitted by an adept through the exercise of will for the purpose of spiritual uplift of the seeker. This offering of Prana or pure consciousness is Pranahuti, or Yogic Transmission


Pranahuti is essentially the influx of Divine Grace into the heart of the seeker by a competent trainer.  Babuji Maharaj called it the giving of life - divine life - to the soul.  It strikes a concord between the individual’s Prana and the Divinity because it is of the same nature.  When this original Life Force gets poured into the heart of the spiritual seeker, a sort of inner ignition, or ujjivana (upward living) starts.


The method of Pranahuti was rediscovered by Lalaji Maharaj and expounded by Babuji Maharaj.  The discovery of the Pranahuti technique forms the very basis of the new system of Yoga* - Pranahuti Yoga.


Babuji Maharaji said: “Under this process, the master, by the application of his internal powers, awakens and accelerates the dormant forces in the abhyasi [practitioner] to action, and diverts the flow of the Divine Current towards his heart”.   The result is that it accelerates the abhyasi’s progress by removing complexities and obstructions on his path and makes the new system of Yoga easy for all the souls to grasp it and a good deal of time is saved.

One can experience Pranahuti through our free Training Programs.  Two to four sessions of Guided Meditation (about 30 min each) are offered in class where an aspirant can have a taste of the Pranahuti.  Please apply here:

* Yoga here means the union with the Prime Principle of Existence.  It is the union of the individual self with the Cosmic Self or the Universal Being. 

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