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Dr. K C Varadachari


Dr. K. C. Varadachari (1902–1971) is one of the first and the foremost disciples of Sri Ramchandra (Babuji Maharaj).  A prominent philosopher in India, he was the head of the department of philosophy at S. V. University at Tirupati, South India, and also the first person to chair the Vivekananda Professorship on comparative religion, ethics, and philosophy at the University of Madras.  However, despite his deep knowledge of various western and traditional Indian schools of thought and personal connections with the great thinkers of his age, his inner spiritual quest was not fulfilled.


After long decades of seeking, his life-long aspiration and thirst for spirituality were finally quenched when he met Babuji Maharaj.  He wrote in his own diary:


“Thus I found myself made to abjure the old theoretical ways of approach. I had to remake myself in a new way. I had to take stock of my whole past. All sectarian and caste conceptions had to be rethought. Philosophies help bind people to set notions. Thus I was to meet the challenge of the New."


As per his open disposition, he began to experiment with the new system of Raja Yoga with zeal.  Due to his enormous spiritual sensitivity and aspiration, Dr. Varadachari advanced at a great speed in spirituality and was able to verify the claims of various super-conscious states and stages detailed in the works of Babuji Maharaj through his own personal experiences.  He actively collaborated with Babuji Maharaj in the spiritual research of Yoga and was instrumental in taking notice of several key super-consciousness states and working out the detailed method for training using Pranahuti (Yogic Transmission).


Dr. Varadachari was a man of deep love and fellowship.  It was typical for him to say that “mystic awareness is a human birthright and is not an exclusive privilege of a few” and education of East and West was not for livelihood but to bring out the best of human potential.  He always tried to give a wake-up call through his lectures and writings to all those who were associated with him to become “lovers of spiritual beauty and harmony”.​


Recognizing the system as a complete breakthrough in spirituality, Dr. Varadachari proclaimed it as the New Darśana (New School of Philosophy or New View of Reality) or the Seventh School in his book Sri Ramchandra Rajayoga: New Darśana.  It was a bold and profound statement.  None has proclaimed the seventh school aside from the earlier six schools of philosophy which formed the entire base of eastern thought, spirituality, and tradition over many thousands of years of Indian history.  He recognized the momentous significance of Pranahuti as the most significant instrument of realization of the Ultimate; rather, it was “the only means” for achieving Yoga, i.e. union with the Ultimate, according to him.


Dr. Varadachari expounded on the philosophy of Pranahuti Support Meditation and gave expressive language to the new system.  His writings approached the subject from philosophical, psychological, and yogic angles.   All of his writings are collected under the Complete Works of Dr. K.C. Varadachari (Volume 1)

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