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Principle 9 - Babuji Commentary

Mould your living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others.

We get power from our thought. It happens only when we create perfect harmony between things of our making and those of the Divine. The word Vyavahara practical dealings carries a wide meaning. It covers the entire sphere which falls next to the Ultimate. There is uniformity in Divine dealings, but only in a particular sense. For example He gives light equally to all. He has created air for all to breathe in, and so also many other things which foster the growth of life and sustain our existence. This can be interpreted as the uniformity of Nature's dealings Vyavahara.


There are other things too which present themselves in a modified form and they are dealt with in a different way. It is obvious that when a thing made of clay comes before us we take a different view of it, and our liking for it is increased in comparison to the mass of clay which it is made up of. Similarly when a man approaches God after proper making of himself, He takes a different view of him. This goes to explain that we should effect such a making of ourselves as may help us to become the cynosure of His eyes. This dealing of Nature we have to copy and apply in our daily life. Nature's dealings described above are manifested in diverse ways. The variety of colours in different objects is an instance of it. A flower blossoms in red colour, another close by in yellow or blue. Thus Nature manifests herself in different colours, each object receiving its due share according to its capacity and worth. In other words, She is dealing with them in Her own particular way. This example must be kept in view and all our dealings must be moulded accordingly, with due regard to proper needs and fair right of everyone, and bring them in close conformity with those of Nature. This will add further force to its effectiveness and the people will be attracted towards you. It will create a feeling of love in their hearts and they will begin to behave with you in the manner which you duly deserve.

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