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Principle 7 - Babuji Commentary

Be not revengeful for the wrongs done by others. Take them with gratitude as heavenly gifts.

Almost all religions unanimously agree that whatever happens is the result of our actions. Nobody ever suffers in contravention of this principle. When such is the case one will naturally be led to the conclusion that it is really the fate which he himself has built up. Truly speaking, we ourselves are the makers of fate. When we do something by applying our head and heart we form impressions thereof at the base, which remain there in seed-form till they are washed off by the effect of Bhogam (the process of undergoing the effects). The Bhogam is thus essential and indispensable. As a rule, Nature wants to keep everything pure and crystal clear just as it had originally come down in the beginning. Even the slightest coating veils its lustre. This in itself, being a power, assumes a kind of life which we relate with our own Karmas (actions). It is because we pose ourselves as the doers. This very thought forces its impressions. When such thoughts get accumulated they form numerous coils. The heat of thought contained in it promotes the growth of activity which sets up a sort of boiling action in it. According to the law of Nature every thing tends to go back to its source. Since owing to the continuous contact of heat its heaviness grows unendurable, it becomes necessary for it to return to the Origin in order to relieve itself of the weight. Things coming out from even smaller things get expanded when they find sufficient scope for it. The expansion is full with force according to the volume it covers, because the things which have sprung up naturally possess power. When this is the case it now turns another phase and begins to cover all available space, affecting even the layers reserved for Bhogam. This leads to the commencement of sufferings. I have taken up the subject very briefly though every point in it could be further illustrated separately. The circumstances for the process of Bhogam, which may be from internal causes or external, are thus created. The external help comes in the form of suffering caused by the wrongs done by others, against which the people generally poison their thought on account of their own ignorance. This is very improper because this action, having helped the process of purification, has in fact put you under a sense of obligation. When this is the case, the work done through an external agency, it may be any, has in other words rendered the function of a true friend. This may seem to be an uncommon approach since this basic philosophy was never taken into account before, for the reason that it came out simply in the form of an advice to take everything as coming from the Lord, so that the feelings of resentment may not arise and one may not lose nobility of character. Thus it is now quite evident that anything that comes to us for our ultimate good, may it be from any medium fills our heart with delight and promotes in us a sense of gratitude.

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