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Principle 6 - Babuji Commentary

Know all people as thy brethren and treat them as such.

The perfection of human nobility lies in the devotee being always within the sphere of devotion. All things descending from the Origin should be treated as coming from the same source. Just as children born of the same mother are related to each other in one and the same way, so also are all bound together by the same common tie of brotherliness, and are related to each other in the same way.


The underlying sense had never been fully grasped. All are connected with the same Reality 'the Central point' by the effect of motion which set everything into action. No substantial disconnection existed between them. It was all really the effect of our own thoughts and actions that converted brothers and friends into strangers. It was due to our own feeling of selfishness that made them appear like aliens. This engendered separative feeling must now, therefore, be removed so that brotherly relations may be revived. This is one of the veils, which enshrouds a devotee. Just as a feeling of remoteness sets in by itself among the members of a family when the number increases, in the same way our brothers and relatives begin to appear more and more remote by the lapse of time and distance, and the state which is common to all vanishes from the sphere of thought; only its solid form remains to view which we begin to love as far as we can. But love includes within it a latent feeling of enmity, so the current of thought began to settle down and affect it adversely. Everything began to appear differently and effected separation from one another. All these contributed to the formation of our individual network on account of which we lost consciousness of the currents that flow into every being appearing in man in the form of feelings.


The development of the feeling of universal brotherhood means the breaking up of the individual network that separated one from the other, and the closer adherence to the tie of fraternity. It will naturally lead to mutual association and greater attachment, and our dealing with one another will be moulded accordingly, ensuring greater peace and contentment to every one. How nice would it be to have it thus! Having accomplished this we proceed on further, which also becomes easier to realise. This world is in fact a reflection of the other world. When this one is moulded properly, its effect extends on to the other world whose reflection it is, and that too will begin to get purified. This will greatly smoothen our task and help us further in the attainment of the Ideal. Our success here will lead to our success there. By the world that casts the reflection I mean the Brahmand or the Astral world where everything happens in an astral form prior to its coming to this world in material shape. In Brahmand it comes down similarly from the next higher region, and there from the still higher, and so on. Thus by proper modification of this last layer the effect is carried to each of the higher layers successively upto the very highest one which begins to get purified in the easiest and most natural way.

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