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Fix up your goal which should be complete oneness with God.  Rest not till the ideal is achieved.

As already pointed out it is necessary to know one's goal and that is God. But oneness with the goal is not merely knowledge or even a vision of God but oneness with Him. Sri Krishna says that one should know, see and enter into Him. Master similarly speaks of the three stages of our process as sarupyata, sayujyata and laya at each knot. In a similar way one first knows and sees and enters into the Ultimate. Usually men see first and then know and hardly enter into the Ultimate, since they think that knowing the Ultimate is the goal. Therefore, if one wishes to attain the highest stage in Yoga or union, then it is necessary to seek oneness with it. Our will must, therefore, never be for lesser levels of existence but the Highest. For this an unwavering faith is necessary. Earnestness is necessary and such an earnestness is something that requires one's seeking the Infinite Being within oneself and get absorbed in Him. It is, of course, difficult to get staunch determination, but it is nonetheless necessary, and God Himself in several subtle way helps even in the formation of such a determination and faith. However, the soul knowing its weakness at first should dedicate all its being to God and accept all as the gift of God and this leads to development of faith in a subtle manner. As Sri Krishna has stated, if one but surrenders to Him, that is, chooses Him as his goal and all, he very soon begins to change and attains the stage of inward determination and becomes a good man (Ksipram Bhavati Dharmatma). The power and primal force begins to flow steadily into oneself and helps the ascent to it. As already stated, God is not only the goal but also the means to Himself, and indeed no one can be the means and the instrument of our ascent other than God alone.

One should thus develop constant remembrance and long-ing for God (Ananyaschintayantomam Ye Janah Paryupasate, Tesham Nitybiyuktanam Yogaksehmam Vahamyaha) which alone lead to the constant watchfulness of God.

Thus one must fix one's goal as the Ultimate and constantly strive towards the attainment of oneness with it.

Pujya KCN Commentary
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